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Fellowship and Bible Study Groups

Here is a list and description of our small fellowship and Bible Study Groups that we support.
De Anza Springs Come As You Are Fellowship

Meet your hosts; Sam & Nancy Rupe! 

where: De Anza Springs Resort, and Church Building

When We Meet: Wednesdays at 6:30 PM  Sundays @ 1:00 pm

Virtual Access: Facebook Live @8:00pm, YouTube Vlog, Zoom

This group is a Christian Naturist Fellowship started in 2016 as a clothing optional outreach ministry to our members and neighbors of De Anza Springs Resort and beyond.  Our church has always welcomed people regardless of what they wear, or don't wear, so this group was formed as way to accomodate those who prefer a clothing optional setting.  Do not let our lack of clothing be translated as a lack of faith; We believe that many of the values we hold dear as Christians are demonstrated and reinforced through Godly Naturism.  Come and be welcomed just as you are!

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