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Our local history is rich with a pioneering and persevering spirit that spans over 100 years. Grace Hausler was among the first settlers in this area and began teaching Bible Classes to local San Diegueno Native People in 1909.  She was later Joined by her sister Elizabeth Bryan who hosted Bible Classes in her home. Eventually by 1922, as the town grew, they held Bible Classes in a local Pool Hall.  In 1948 the United Methodist Church began Sponsoring the Classes and One Room Church as a Missionary Church.  The one room church building was moved to it's present day location in 1954, and later annexed.  The original church building was destroyed by fire in February 1985. 

The Church was rebuilt and back in use by December of 1986 due to the efforts of former Pastor Edgar Smith, along with Trustees Irma Lee Wyly, Jim Woodward and Gene Norman.  A Dedication Ceremony officiated by UMC District Superintendent Faith Conklin was held in February 1987.  Our church has remained as a Vital Presence Ministry to the local community to this day.  Reverend Dan Meyer-Abbott has served as our Leader and Pastor for over 18 years continuously. 


The Covid-19 Pandemic of 2020 forced us to suspend in-person assemblies, but we remained committed to serving the people of Jacumba, and beyond--bringing the love of Christ to all through all mediums like Facebook, YouTube and other electronic and virtual platforms. 


Following the lifting of Covid-19 restrictions we have once again welcomed our members and visitors back into our sanctuary and expanded our services even further to include clothing optional services at De Anza Springs Resort. We are a truly come as you are congregation.  Many of our members are also members at De Anza Springs Resort so we offer services to allow those members to worship there free of any clothing requirements or restrictions.


However, recent changes in clothing policies at De Anza Springs Resort has left our Christian Naturist brethren without a place to worship there.  Therefore we are currently providing space for these services at the Church building.  These services are clothing optional and are treated as a private group meeting, and are by invitation only as the building will be locked from outside entry. Virtual access is provided via Zoom--See our Facebook Group for the latest links.  Virtual Access for most of our groups and services is provided via Facebook and Youtube  So come and worship The Lord with us at either our De Anza Springs Come As You Are Worship Service or our regular services at the church.

Most recently following the retirement of Pastor Dan Meyer-Abbott in June of 2022 and the reassignment of Pastor Luis Garcia, We welcome Reverend Michael Lodahl, Ph.D, who is also a Professor of Theology & World Religions at Point Loma Nazarene University!

Pastor Lodahl brings new energy and inspiration to help us along our path.  Join us now, as we share the love of Christ to all. 


Jesus loves you just as you are, so do we.

Our Local History

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